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Where did "Will I Like It" Go?
Where did "Will I Like It" Go?

I cannot find the “Will I like it" feature that used to be in the menu. Where did it go?

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A few versions ago we removed it from the main menu as a separate item. We have now embedded the functionality into every product card.

When you search for a product (e.g., take a photo or type the name of the product or use the JumpStart option to swipe through some of the more popular products), as you browse the product cards, the Will I Like It responses (Yes/No/Maybe) will appear on the product cards for which we can predict your appeal.

If there is no response presented, it is a product that we don't know enough yet to make that prediction, so keep rating products and the more the system learns about your preferences, the better it will get at answering those questions.

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