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How do I use Label Recognition?
How do I use Label Recognition?
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Label Recognition allows you to take a photo of a label to search for wines and whiskies. You can access Label Recognition by tapping the camera icon in the header.

Simply place the product label within the frame when taking the photo.

Ensure that the label is properly framed and the image is clear.

Some labels may be printed or etched directly onto a transparent or translucent bottle. We recommend having a solid background to provide contrast for the label image.

This is an example of what will NOT work well:

Select the correct product from the list.

If the match is not presented, try searching for the product by name.

If you still cannot find the product, select 'Not seeing a match?' to submit the product to be added by Preferabli.

If you are matching multiple products, you have the option of snapping all of your photos first and then selecting the matches. Before taking the the first photo, enable Multiple Label Capture mode by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner. After the final photo, tap 'Done' to select matches for each of the images captured.

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