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How do I establish connections with friends?
How do I establish connections with friends?
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By connecting with friends, you can get group recommendations based on everyone’s collective preferences. You can also get a gift recommendation for a friend by removing yourself from the recommendation request.

In order to establish a connection, follow your friend and have them follow you back. In the Connections section, you can search for your friends by name or email address. You can also choose to have Preferabli search your phone's address book for connections who are on Preferabli.

NOTE: We require access to your address book to use this feature, and only access your address book to conduct the search for this functionality. We do not store or mine your contacts.

In the Connections section, you can see who you have selected to follow under the ‘Following’ tab, who is following you under the ‘Followers’ tab, and those contacts where you are each following each other under the ‘Mutual’ tab.

You can ‘unfollow’ someone at any time by deselecting them in the Connections section.

Your friends will only show up in the Group section of the Get Recommendations section when they follow you, and you only show up in their app when you follow them.

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