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How do I rate wines and whiskies?
How do I rate wines and whiskies?
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Take a photo of the label or type in the name of the product. When you select a product, you will see the ‘New Rating’ section. Tell us if it’s a Love, Like, SoSo or Dislike. Simply tap on the rating icon that feels right. That’s it!

For more information on how to find wines and whiskies to rate, check out our FAQ on 'How do I find wines or whiskies to rate'.

You can rate a product more than once! After you’ve selected a rating, you can choose the specific vintage for that product if applicable. Some products do not distinguish vintages and will not have the option to select a vintage.

You can also add where you had the wine in ‘Location’. This functionality, powered by Google, presents locations near you. If Google doesn’t present an option for what you’ve typed, ‘My Input’ allows you to put in whatever you want.

You can also add any ‘Notes’ on the wine. Notes are for your own reference and are presented with the rating in your Journal together with any location you may have added.

If you want to edit an existing rating, tap 'EDIT'.

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